Nobel Laureate at Suisse Technology Partners

The Nobel Prize winner in physics, Konstantin Novoselov, visited Suisse Technology Partners. The newly announced chairman of the scientific advisory board of the Schaffhausen Intitute of Technology was impressed by the material science capabilities of Suisse TP. The economic success based exclusively on industry-financed projects on the one hand, and the scientific development of the competences on the other hand, were for him a unique combination that he has not yet encountered.
The Russian-British physicist and Professor Konstantin Novoselov visited Suisse TP at the beginning of July. His investigations into graphene, the two-dimensional carbon lattice that is extremely stiff, tear-resistant and lightweight, made him famous. In 2010, at the age of 36, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics together with Andre Geim. Beginning of 2012 he has been knighted by the Queen of England and can call himself Sir.

The Nobel Prize winner's visit opens the door to potential collaboration between industry and science in the future with the support of Suisse TP.

The picture shows (from right to left) Professor Konstantin Novoselov, Christoph Schärer (Official Chief Representative Economic Promotion Canton of Schaffhausen), Günter Bergmann (CEO Suisse TP), Benedikt Moser (CTO Suisse TP)

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