Reaching destinations – with innovation and experience

Whether by road, by rail or by air, it is, of course, the reliability of any type of vehicle which plays a decisive role when moving goods and people. The longevity of the materials employed and the construction method used for each means of transportation – whether post office vans, snow clearance vehicles or aerospace components are concerned – are subject to quite different principles.

Individual requirements need to be satisfied. Consequently, every single project requires its own know-how and a methodological approach. It's a long and complicated route from the initial idea to its ultimate implementation. A team of experts that can fully characterize materials and components for series production use and can swiftly carry out necessary failure analyses – and come up with quick solutions – is invaluable as a companion for every service provider in the transportation sector.

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Suisse TP offers:

  • independent and project-specific work in the transportation field (motor vehicles, rail traffic, aircraft, etc.) for public transportation service providers and for operators and manufacturers of special-purpose vehicles and their components
  • advice from experienced specialists with a comprehensive knowledge of materials
  • rapid measuring, characterization and validation of materials and components; chemical, physical and mechanical measurement services (CT, SEM, XPS, DSC)
  • support in the event of production and operating problems by providing speedy failure analyses
  • an extensive laboratory infrastructure, as well as advice directly on site
  • rapid handling of tasks by combining resources and deploying expertise from across a number of teams


Learning from mistakes; keeping processes running

Are there production problems caused by a component or does the component fail in the field, the problem needs to be analyzed immediately. Perhaps an alloy cannot be processed as effectively as one would wish, or a welding task cannot be correctly performed. The key to the rapid rectification of any problems with materials, design and layout errors or improper operation lies in a comprehensive knowledge of materials with their properties and in a methodological approach to determining the cause and solving the problem.


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Material analysts will examine the materials concerned and consider whether additional data needs to be collected. Experts from different disciplines will tackle this task together. Their fully integrated methods will generate invaluable leeway, allowing producers and service providers to concentrate on their ongoing business activity while leaving a reliable partner with the appropriate expert knowledge to look for specific solutions to the problem.

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Flexibility and speed

An open question lies at the root of a consultancy project. What are the chances of having a conclusive material qualification process carried out almost immediately for that steel rotor head? What alternative could be used for a certain product instead of the material which has not delivered the expected performance?

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Expert knowledge and reliable methods save both fixed costs and time. Companies engage external experts in order to fill gaps in their own capabilities and so that quality testing procedures, qualification concepts and specifications can be set in train immediately. With their specialist knowledge and their flexible, rapid processes, these experts ensure that the range of questions about materials for individual means of transport are handled safely and profitably. Perhaps a certain material is not the best choice for a particular production line. A consultation, conducted by experienced specialists with a comprehensive knowledge of materials, will most certainly lead to the desired outcome while, at the same time, systematically helping companies to develop the best possible products.


Satisfying transportation requirements with expert measurements

Every material, every component for a particular project must demonstrate various quality characteristics and ultimately must also be qualified. A fundamental qualification and characterization of the material is needed in order to generate the relevant data. This is the only way to predict whether a material or a certain component will deliver the required performance. And only in this way can manufacturers and transportation operators ensure that every component is functioning perfectly.

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The comprehensive characterization of the chemical, physical and mechanical aspects of a material offers many advantages. Having a single contact person carry out a fully integrated process saves time and financial resources; results can be calculated rapidly and the procedure for issuing approvals significantly speeded up.

Transportation Contact

Benedikt Moser

Benedikt is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and a member of the Board of Directors. He studied materials engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and was awarded a doctorate in the field of metal matrix composites from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. Benedikt's research activity (MIT and Empa) and more than ten years of experience of industrial projects and services have given him extensive specialist knowledge in the entire sphere of structural materials. Hence he is your point of contact for all material matters. He can offer you knowledgeable advice or direct you to the right technical experts. +41 52 551 1133