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Suisse TP - Standards

Suisse Technology Partners Ltd. offers a wide range of certified aluminum reference materials analyzed by our ISO/IEC 17025 (STS0023) accredited laboratories.

These reference materials are best suited for the calibration of your spark and X-ray fluorescence spectrometers.

Suisse TP ensures the reliability of these reference materials by carrying out certification analyses with different, independent measuring methods and thus fulfills the high quality requirements of its customers.


Suisse TP - Elements

Suisse TP is an exclusive distributor of inorganic ventures in Switzerland and distributes inorganic reference standards for elemental analysis.

Qualified standards for ICP-OES, ICP-MS, AAS and IC are used for reliable calibration of measuring instruments and quality control.

Single and multi-element standards as well as individually produced "custom standards" guarantee optimal results for your analyses.



Suisse TP produces silane-based SolGel lacquers which offer innovative coating possibilities for the protection and refinement of metallic surfaces. Thanks to the unique properties such as corrosion resistance, scratch protection and the easy-to-clean effect, the coating can be used in many areas such as architecture, solar technology, automotive or cosmetic packaging.

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contact for STP-Standards

Sachiko Baumann

Sales expert Sachiko Baumann answers all questions about the aluminum reference standards, whether end customer or reseller. Thanks to her, you can be sure that your requests and orders will be processed quickly and efficiently.

Contact for STP-Elements

Remo Itel

Remo Itel is also responsible for the distribution of Inorganic Ventures - Element Standards. Through his work in the laboratory, Remo Itel handles these standards himself. This enables him to answer and advise questions very well-founded from practical experience.

Contact for SolGel

Roman Schawalder

Roman Schawalder is a chemical laboratory assistant with additional training in paint technology and coloristics.  For many years he has been working in the fields of materials/surfaces and adhesive technology, and he is extensively engaged in color theory.