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    analyze, develop, optimize and
    test with regard to barrier properties

Laboratory electroplating

Recreate processes

where the beaker is not enough

Test electroplating is an elementary component of the “Aluminum Surfaces” technology focus. Here, surfaces can be pre-treated and new coatings can be developed using various anodizing processes. Alternatively, the entire production process steps can be developed at the customer’s premises or simulated and analyzed or optimized for root cause analyses. The 18 tanks, each with 70 liters, allow realistic treatment of samples up to 25 x 45 x 45 cm.

The samples anodized here can then be analysed and characterized in the laboratory. They can also be further treated in our coating laboratory. For validation of the quality, the parts are sent to the environmental simulation. There they are subjected to time-lapse tests under real environmental conditions defined in standards.

Extensive options are available for analyzing the samples, from simple visual inspections to various methods in chemical analysis to REM examinations

Fast process optimization
without interrupting production

One of the most important advantages of our laboratory electroplating is that we can use it to optimize your plating process without having to interrupt production. As we can control all process parameters with our test facility, we have the opportunity to make changes and observe their effects on the process. The result is fast and effective process optimization, without costly downtime in production.

The ability to optimize the electroplating process in the laboratory saves you time and resources. You don’t have to stop production completely to run tests. You don’t have to drain or change your large baths. Instead, you can experiment quickly and effectively with our test facility and reduce your production costs.

Our baths are considerably closer to the production process than a beaker. The behavior in the beaker is due to the size, insulation, shape, … too far away to transfer process parameters from the beaker to production.

In the event of defects, your process can be readjusted to check whether the behavior is process-related. If this is the case, parameter studies can help to optimize the parameters so that your desired surface is achieved.

As our electroplating technicians also have metallographers and chemists at your side, we can quickly track down the flaws in your surface, even if they are not production-related.

Other possibilities with trial electroplating is the anodizing of small parts and small series. Where large anodizers cannot work economically or precisely enough. 

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Dirk Nusshär

Surface Expert

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