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        • Dr. Benedikt Moser

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          Dr. Benedikt Moser

          CTO und Material Experte

          Tel: +41 52 551 11 33

        • Patrik Bachmann

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          Patrik Bachmann

          Laboratory Manager Chemical Analysis

          Tel: +41 52 551 11 69

        • Dirk Nusshär

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          Dr. Dirk Nusshär

          Experte für Oberflächen

          Tel: +41 52 551 11 37

  • packaging-
    analyze, develop, optimize and
    test with regard to barrier properties

organic analysis

Analytical services such as method development, validation and transfer, commercial release in modern GMP qualified laboratories. Our experienced scientists advise customers and provide efficient support based on their individual needs and requirements. 


Our services for leading brands such as

Analytical services - Consulting

Analytical Services

Comprehensive range of analytical services in the fields of liquid and gas chromatography, elemental analysis, polymer analysis, thermoanalytical methods, wet chemistry, titrations, spectroscopic and spectrometric analysis methods from characterization to commercial release testing

Forced degradation studies

Forced degradation studies, also known as stress testing of drugs or medicinal products according to ICH Q1A and ICH Q1B, to predict likely degradation products or degradation pathways and to demonstrate the stability of the analytical methods used

Characterization of NBCDs

Physicochemical characterization of (nanoparticulated) non-biological complex drugs (NBCDs), e.g. to demonstrate the equivalence of a generic NBCD with the original product to ensure similar product efficacy and safety

Pharmaceutical packaging services

Development and characterization of pharmaceutical packaging with regard to error analysis, shaping processes, barrier and shelf life prediction, packaging validation and performance tests as well as physico-chemical stability analysis of the packaged pharmaceutical products