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        • Dr. Benedikt Moser

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          Dr. Benedikt Moser

          CTO und Material Experte

          Tel: +41 52 551 11 33

        • Patrik Bachmann

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          Patrik Bachmann

          Laboratory Manager Chemical Analysis

          Tel: +41 52 551 11 69

        • Dirk Nusshär

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          Dr. Dirk Nusshär

          Experte für Oberflächen

          Tel: +41 52 551 11 37

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    analyze, develop, optimize and
    test with regard to barrier properties

Polymer analytics

Reliable polymer analysis for the highest quality standards

In our broad-based polymer analysis department, highly qualified experts use state-of-the-art analysis techniques to examine and analyze starting materials, raw materials, monomers, additives, fillers, initiators, polymer components, films and granulates.

Among other things, we test thermal and mechanical properties, surface energy and structure, chemical composition, color, tribology and resistance to environmental influences and chemicals.

Thanks to our extensive testing options and broad range of analytics, we can guarantee a high level of quality assurance and well-founded damage and complaint analyses.

We can also provide our customers with comprehensive support in the development of new products. By analyzing the competition, we can help to gain a competitive advantage.

We also offer accelerated ageing tests to assess the resistance of materials to environmental influences.

Our customers can therefore be sure that their materials meet the requirements and guarantee durability and quality in the long term.

In addition, various sample preparation methods (e.g. extraction, homogenization, etc.) help to fully characterize the polymer matrix. 

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Alexander Kromer

Polymer Expert

Tel: +41 52 551 11 24