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        • Dr. Benedikt Moser

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          Dr. Benedikt Moser

          CTO und Material Experte

          Tel: +41 52 551 11 33

        • Patrik Bachmann

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          Patrik Bachmann

          Laboratory Manager Chemical Analysis

          Tel: +41 52 551 11 69

        • Dirk Nusshär

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          Dr. Dirk Nusshär

          Experte für Oberflächen

          Tel: +41 52 551 11 37

  • packaging-
    analyze, develop, optimize and
    test with regard to barrier properties

Technical safety

To make products and materials safe, we have a huge portfolio of methods. Tensile, compression, bending test, fatigue HCF, LCF, creep, rotating bending test, …

We offer consulting and testing in one, because we see ourselves as materials experts on behalf of ‘technical safety’. That’s why we don’t leave you alone with the measured values.
For technical safety, we use our many years of experience to actively and quickly support product manufacturers in their responsibility. 

Kontaktieren Sie mich.

Benedikt Moser

CTO and Material Expert

Tel: +41 52 551 11 33