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        • Dr. Benedikt Moser

          Contact me

          Dr. Benedikt Moser

          CTO and Materials Expert

          Tel: +41 52 551 11 33

        • Patrik Bachmann

          contact me

          Patrik Bachmann

          Laboratory Manager Chemical Analysis

          Tel: +41 52 551 11 69

        • Dirk Nusshär

          Contact me

          Dr. Dirk Nusshär

          surfaces expert

          Tel: +41 52 551 11 37

  • packaging-
    analyze, develop, optimize and
    test with regard to barrier properties

On the pulse of time

We are active in order to keep our finger on the pulse. We go to trade fairs and exhibitions to discuss the direction of travel with market players and customers. Because our cutting-edge expertise is also used by media professionals, we are often asked to give presentations, write specialist articles and the like. Below you will find a selection of highlights that underline this. 

2022 konnten Sie uns hier persönlich kenNen lernen:

2023 können Sie uns hier persönlich kenNen lernen: